State of the Art Taekwondo did not let me down a single time. Master Hyde & Ms. Sheila’s team are some of the most best martial arts instructors one could know. They are proactive and forward thinking Martial Arts experts. If you ever need a Martial Arts professional to teach you Taekwondo, make sure you have Master Hyde & Ms. Sheila’s team doing that job. Their extensive expertise and open-minded approach cannot be overestimated.


We are so grateful for Master Hyde and Ms. Sheila who have partnered with our family to help raise and mold our children with the same values and beliefs we have. We have found no other sport that does this and about developing our children’s self confidence, respect, discipline and focus to achieve anything they desire in life.

All three of our children from 12,10 and to 6 years old have had the opportunity to take Tae Kwon Do and for each one of them we can see the benefit it has had on them. This sport is not just for boys because our youngest the girl tells us she enjoys it more than dance class !

We are again thankful for the time and dedications that Master Hyde and Ms. Sheila put into this program and their true authenticity and caring for our family and others in this program. It takes a village to raise a family and we are thankful we have them in our village!!!

The McManus Family

“Signing up for State of the Art Tae Kwon Do classes at the Bonita Springs YMCA has been life changing for both my husband and I. Although it has only been a little more than a month, the instruction we have received from Master Hyde, Ms. Sheila and the other State of the Art Black Belts has completely changed our flexibility, stamina and weight. I have less aches and pains because of the warm up and stretching we do and the kicks have actually helped my hip joints and alignment.

My husband has lost over ten pounds and now goes to the gym religiously so he can excel in Tae Kwon Do, he finally has something to work for. Although I was initially hesitant to join due to my age (37), back/joint issues and unfamiliarity with Martial Arts, I now look forward to each class and don’t feel out of place at all. The instructors are professional and supportive and each class flies by. It is a guaranteed two hours a week that you won’t think about anything in the world but synching your mind with your body. I find myself practicing my form and terminology throughout the day without even thinking about it, that is how much I enjoy it.

No matter what level you enter at, you will receive the training you need at your pace. I would highly recommend the State of the Art Tae Kwon Do training to everyone, especially for those who never thought they could or should do Martial Arts. You will not regret it!

Annika M.
Bonita Springs, FL

“I have been fortunate enough to see the school evolve and grow, and have enjoyed the years I’ve been with them as I continue learning how to become the best instructor possible.

Master Hyde, Ms. Sheila, and Ms. Ashlee are great people who are dedicated to helping the young, and maybe not so young, increase their confidence, learn discipline, and gain a better respect for themselves and others to become great individuals.”

Jennifer Hall
Assistant Instructor, SOTA

I believe the school has progressed much since I joined in 2008. I’ve learned to be respectful and to always look on the positive side of things. It has also taught me to commit to my goals and that hard work pays off.”

Robert Hall, Assistant Instructor, SOTA

We are very happy and grateful that we found State of the Art Tae Kwon Do. The dedication of Master Hyde and Ms.Sheila we feel is unparalleled. It is a great atmosphere for the whole family because once joining you become part of the family of State of the Art Tae Kwon Do”.

The Carnes Family

Both Master Hyde and Ms. Sheila have the knowledge and technique to teach tae kwon do to children. They are caring people who create a comfortable atmosphere for the otherwise the strict discipline needed during practice sessions. Through practice, our kids are learning not just tae kwon do/ self defense techniques and skills but also the basic qualities of being good people. They enjoy the class and the friendship they have established with their teammates.

Dan and Koko

Our son, James, started taekwondo about 3 years ago. He has benefited in many ways since joining State of the Art Tae Kwon Do. He used to be shy to the extreme, but with the confidence he has gained through achievement in tkd he is coming out of his shell more each year. Discipline, responsibility and learning how to set and achieve goals in life are a large part of this school.

They strive to teach all students to become leaders not followers, to always set a good example and to the right things in school at home and in public. James has a lot of fun here and plans on doing this the rest of his life. The dedicated teaching and guidance of Master Hyde and the other instructors is top notch, there are no shortcuts.

What the students get out of this school, they earn. We know our son will be a better person for having trained at State of the Art Tae Kwon Do and we would highly recommend this school to any parents/students.

Chuck & Lea Noyes