Justine Smickle

Justine Smickle joined Tae Kwon Do in 2006 at age 6 with no interest in the art. Later on she learned that Tae Kwon Do is what formed her personality and her characteristics by giving her the gifts of determination and discipline. Ever since, she has held Tae Kwon Do in the highest respect.

Justine just completed her sophomore year at Saint Petersburg Colligate High School pursuing a high school diploma and also an Associate’s of Arts degree. She maintains good grades, and is also very involved in the church. She has gone on four mission trips (3 in Florida, 1 in Clarksville, GA), and will be going on another mission trip to Georgia this June. She volunteers with Habitat for Humanity and Adopt a Block.

Justine earned her 1st Dan Black Belt/Kukkiwon in 2012. She took some time off to swim competitively, but decided in October 2016 that it was time to come back to TKD. Justine is a junior instructor at Pasadena Community Church.